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A New Type of Social Sharing

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We’ve all been there, something amazing happens and we immediately grab our phones to capture the moment and share it with our friends.

It’s become second nature for us to see our worlds through a screen and not with our actual eyes. Thinking about it now, we are probably missing so much more in the long run, even if we have a video to view after the fact. What if there was a way to still capture that moment while still being in the moment?

A new video sharing app called Beme was released over the weekend and has the potential to change the way we share social content with our friends.

Beme is a video sharing app that allows users to share four-second videos with their audience, but there’s a catch: the user doesn’t get the chance to see the content before it is shared. Think of it as a disposable camera for a video app in 2015. Beme uses your phone’s proximity sensor to allow you to begin recording a video simply by holding it to your chest, removing the interruption.

“There’s no preview, there’s no review, and there’s no need to look at your phone,” explains the app’s founder Casey Neistat.

The idea came from Neistat, a documentary film-maker who posts a daily vlog to his YouTube channel. Neistat wanted to find a way to share a natural moment with originality (since that’s hard to do in this day and age with technology). His idea has caught the likes of most app enthusiasts online, with Beme hitting Top Chart app lists on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Could this app get rid of our filtered view of our everyday life through the screens on our devices?

What do you think?

durrellcommA New Type of Social Sharing