An “Alternative Press Conference”

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Sean Spicer had the best first White House briefing of all time #spicerfacts

Unless you are still in denial (we feel you) and hiding out from the reality of Donald Trump’s inauguration, you likely saw the showstopping spectacle that was Sean Spicer’s first White House briefing.

Spicer’s first real shakedown with White House Press Corps made headlines, as I’m sure I hope he’s aware by now, for all the wrong reasons. We’ve seen my fair share of political press conferences, and while we’re sure Spicer assumed his hard-handed approach was sure to be effective at setting the tone for the next four years, communications professionals and the public at large were left with nothing to do but pick their jaws up off the floor as they watched the rest of this show unfold.

So here are our top four lessons you can learn from Sean Spicer’s first White House press briefing.

Don’t Lie.

Not even “alternative facts”. Only “fact facts” or “pinky swear facts” are appropriate for a press conference, or, just to be clear, any communications efforts at all.

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Don’t Yell.

This may seem obvious when we’re talking about the highest job a communications professional could dream of, but these are crazy times we’re living in. When you’re the spokesperson for the entire United States government, you just can’t yell at people in public. Especially the press, because it will always turn around to bite you.

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Which leads us to our next point…

The Press Always Get The Last Laugh.

Seriously. Anyone who has worked in politics for longer than five minutes knows that the press always wins. Why? Because people trust the press more than they trust politicians (or people who work for politicians). They also obviously frame the articles that articulate the message you were trying to deliver, so it’s always best to maybe not chastise them. Food for thought.

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The Press Don’t Work For You.

They actually work for the public. They actually hold YOU accountable, not the other way around. Sorry, Spicer. In fact, that’s their whole job. We know it’s moderately inconvenient and all, but like we said, these are crazy times we’re living in!

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So there you have it, four things to avoid to ensure that your next presser is nothing but an absolute success, and at the very least not an absolute laughingstock.  


durrellcommAn “Alternative Press Conference”