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Anti-Spam Legislation: All You Need To Know

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Confused about CASL? Let us help!

You’re hearing about it everywhere, but what does it actually mean? The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation is approaching fast and we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

SNAP D Comm CASL copy

CASL (or as we like to call it here at Durrell Comm, ‘castle’) will come into effect July 1, protecting individuals and businesses from unwanted or unsolicited emails.  And although this will mean less spam in your inbox, it will also change the way you are able to communicate with clients and customers.

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As of the Canada Day deadline, you’ll need to ensure that all contacts have given you their direct consent to receive any mass electronic communication from your business – this includes those monthly newsletters you’ve been sending!

At Durrell Comm, we want to help you with this transition in every way possible.  We’ve come up with four steps to get you prepared:

1)   Review and revise – Take a look at your current contact list.  Would any of these contacts consider your emails spam? If so, revise your lists.

2)   Ensure you have consent – Have your contacts given you direct consent to add them to your mailing list? Do you have proof? Here’s where things get tricky. You must have direct and documented consent from each of your contacts in order to continue mailing them. The silver lining is that you have until 2017 to compile this information. Then why the rush? Up until July 1st, 2014 (this Canada Day!) you can mail all of your contacts offering them an “opt-in” option. All of your responsive contacts will remain on your list and now you have their consent and proof you need! And who needs those other contacts anyway?

3)   Tweak your emails – Part of the new legislation requires you to include valid contact information and an unsubscribe link on all emails. Most email systems such as Constant Contact, Emma and Mail Chimp already include this feature. All unsubscribe requests must be honoured.

4)   Manage your data – Make sure to keep a record of the contacts you get consent from – you never know when you’ll need it! Remember, this is the law now, and it can be enforced at any time (after 2017). The exact penalties are unclear, but as a business you want to ensure your communication with all your customers is useful, informative, and legal!

Have more questions? Let us know! We can submit your opt-in mail message, manage future contacts, and help you follow all-new CASL restrictions.

durrellcommAnti-Spam Legislation: All You Need To Know