Social Breakfast

Attention, Non-Profits and Charity Organizations!

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You have a great story to tell!  You are passionate, and believe in your organization’s ability to create powerful change… so how do you communicate that to your community? How do you connect?

One of the most cost-effective ways is using social media, and writing original content. But wait a minute. You are too busy running your non-profit to write a tweet, right? We want to help you use social media effectively and strategically.  

We’re hosting a free PR & Social Media Breakfast for non-profits in Waterloo Region. Join us for coffee and breakfast as we offer some of our top tips for developing a PR and social media strategy, including:

  • Social media basics
  • Using narrative and storytelling to strengthen your organization’s brand
  • Identifying what kind of pitch best tells your story

Our PR & Social Media Breakfast is full this time around, but we plan to host more in the future! To make sure you’re first on the list for our next one, please email 

durrellcommAttention, Non-Profits and Charity Organizations!