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What I’m Addicted To This Week: Blackberry Passport

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I’m addicted to my Blackberry passport and its BIG screen.

I will freely admit that I’ve always been healthily addicted to my smartphone. It fits perfectly into my life, allowing me to work from my office, my favourite coffee shop, or my home. However, I’ve found a new phone that was designed just for me. I now have to profess my love for the new Blackberry Passport.

I love the size, the big screen, the keyboard – and who knew I needed or wanted all these apps?!


I was an early Blackberry adopter. I fondly remember my Blackberry 7100t with its pointy bottom and grey tones (don’t worry, the design has improved). I loved the freedom it allowed me as a journalist.  Picture five journalists huddled at a news conference in 2004, teaching each other how to Google Search on the smartphone. We were all obsessed; we had the ability to write our stories on our phones, instead of calling them in to the newsroom. Fast-forward more than a decade later and enter into my world the Blackberry passport.

I realize that there are many phones on the market now, but I’ve always been steadfast in supporting our local company and can honestly say this phone rocks. No humble Canadian apology needed. I’m proud to whip out my Passport in the DVLB line waiting to order my cappuccino.


So let me finish with an ode to my passport.

I love the way it fits perfectly in my suit pocket.

I love the way I can read excel sheets without having to enlarge them.

I love the hub.

I love the time shift on the camera, so my kids eyes are open in their pictures!

I love the way my favourite contacts are lined up and designed when I open the folder.

I love that I can use Instagram!

And… I wrote this blog on my BB passport! With my thumbs! I can do anything and everything on my Blackberry passport, and that’s why I’m addicted.

durrellcommWhat I’m Addicted To This Week: Blackberry Passport