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Organization for PR Perfection

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We’ve compiled our three main takeaways to get your PR practices organized and ready for 2016. The New Year often leaves us with much to reflect on and many things to look forward to. In the world of PR, clients are revisited and contracts are typically renegotiated. It’s important as a company to continually re-evaluate your position in the community, with …

durrellcommOrganization for PR Perfection
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Durrell Communications looks at biggest PR moments of 2015

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What a year! From the automotive industry, to politics, and celebrities, these past 12 months were full of unexpected PR surprises! In spirit of the upcoming New Year, each member of our Durrell Communications team decided to gather and share with you our favourite publicity incidents, good and bad, of 2015. Melissa: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his sweep to victory …

durrellcommDurrell Communications looks at biggest PR moments of 2015

Durrell Communications opens its doors for clothing drive drop-off

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As you may have heard, roughly 1,100 Syrian refugees are expected to arrive in Waterloo Region by the end of the year. Waterloo Region is one of six Ontario reception areas for the incoming Syrian refugees. We have already started to receive more than 1,000 government assisted and privately sponsored refugees, but the majority of them arriving in January and …

durrellcommDurrell Communications opens its doors for clothing drive drop-off
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How Your Small Business Can Get National Media

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For most small businesses the likelihood of showing up in the Wall Street Journal or Huffington Post is pretty remote. But it is not impossible. When it comes to their business, entrepreneurs carry more than one title. Not only are they the CEO, they are their company’s marketing director, human resource department, finance department, the problem solver, strategic thinker and …

durrellcommHow Your Small Business Can Get National Media
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How the Heck Do You Write a Blog Anyway? #InternLife

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Over a month ago I started to write a blog, after being copy-edited on three separate occasions and still not being done I gave up completely, quit my job, and moved back in with my parents. Okay I’m only joking. What I realized is that maybe I didn’t exactly understand the idea behind a blog. So, I switched topics to …

durrellcommHow the Heck Do You Write a Blog Anyway? #InternLife

Meet Durrell Comm’s Elaine Sloboda

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Welcome Elaine Sloboda to Durrell Communications! Elaine joined our family in August and is now part of our team as a Client Manager. Elaine is our research analyst and marketing guru with a natural inclinations for project management. Before graduating from the University of Waterloo this April, Elaine spent a year abroad in England. It was there she adopted a …

durrellcommMeet Durrell Comm’s Elaine Sloboda
Tinder Tweet Storm

Tinder’s Twitter Tirade

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Have you heard of the “tweet storm” that blew through social media this week? A tirade of 30+ tweets directed at Vanity Fair writer Nancy Jo Sales, were sent Tuesday night in response to her article on Tinder’s public perception. “Thirty percent of all Tinder users—who many people assume are single—are actually married.” Two days after the article was posted, …

durrellcommTinder’s Twitter Tirade

Meet Durrell Comm’s Alexandra Froggett

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Welcome Alexandra Froggett to Durrell Communications! Alexandra joined our family in July and is now a PR Strategist. After graduating from the Advertising and Marketing Communications – Management program at Sheridan College she interned at a large PR and media relations agency in Toronto. There, she was thrown into the world of publicity full throttle and learned a lot about working …

durrellcommMeet Durrell Comm’s Alexandra Froggett
Beme App

A New Type of Social Sharing

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We’ve all been there, something amazing happens and we immediately grab our phones to capture the moment and share it with our friends. It’s become second nature for us to see our worlds through a screen and not with our actual eyes. Thinking about it now, we are probably missing so much more in the long run, even if we have …

durrellcommA New Type of Social Sharing
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What I’m Addicted To This Week: Periscope

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“Hey! I’m Periscoping Passover!” I first heard about this new app around a noisy dinner table, from a younger cousin holding up his iPhone; as if others around the world would want to “virtually” participate in a complete stranger’s family holiday – as it turns out, 2 people did!! What the heck is Periscope? It’s not for submarines or another …

durrellcommWhat I’m Addicted To This Week: Periscope