10 Walking Dead Moments to Remember (ALL SPOILERS)

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We’re down to 10 days before the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead! To help us get through these few days of waiting we’ve put together some of our favourite season 3 moments. Rick machetes Tomas: “Shit happens”           T-Dog sacrifices himself for Carol: “T-Fence! T-Fence!”           Lori: There are no words     …

durrellcomm10 Walking Dead Moments to Remember (ALL SPOILERS)

Comm Tip: List

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Comm Tip: List Make a list. Transfer that to do list from your head to a piece of paper. You will be less stressed and remember more when you make a list. On a busy day the last thing you want is another task, but making a list will keep you on track and free up essential brainpower. We all …

durrellcommComm Tip: List
Notebooks, Eraser and Pencil

Back-to-school and Back-to-work

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  The nights are getting chilly and summer holidays have ended. Some of you have brought your kids to school and others are wondering why your 10-minute commute has changed to 20. It’s back to school and back to work and that means getting organized, getting supplies and updating your goals. Here are our September tips for getting back into …

durrellcommBack-to-school and Back-to-work
Bobby Pearson

Mo Raises $7000

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Over the month of August Durrell Comm has been collaborating with FoxNet Solutions and Morty’s Pub to bring you “Shave Bobby’s Mo”. Bobby Pearson had a stache that was over 40 years old. He had been growing it his entire life and this year decided to generously shave it off for charity. Last week, at the FoxNet golf tournament, Bobby …

durrellcommMo Raises $7000
Bobbys Mo Poster sm

Bye Bye Mo

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Fundraiser at Morty’s Pub tonight! Media Release: August 13th, 2013 Bobby Pearson has a 40 year old moustache! He has never shaved it… until now! Tonight, we will celebrate Bobby and his Mo’ one last time! Morty’s will donate a percentage of sales to the Bobby’s Mo’ fundraiser.  All money will be donated to KidsAbility and Nutrition for Learning.  The goal is …

durrellcommBye Bye Mo

Comm Tip: Happiness

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  Happiness. A Happy mind is a productive and higher achieving mind. It’s called the Happiness Advantage and it has proven to raise creativity, productivity and intelligence. “If happiness is on the other side of success we will never get there.” says psychologist Shawn Achor. He explains that we have programed ourselves to be happy only when we have reached …

durrellcommComm Tip: Happiness
404 Caution tape

Comm Tip: Check Your Links

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Check. Double check and check your links again. Nothing chases people away from your content like a missing link. You’ve seen it before and it’s terribly frustrating: The 404 error page. Do your best to avoid these by checking all of your links carefully. Whether you’re posting your latest blog, a link in your newsletter or the link to your …

durrellcommComm Tip: Check Your Links

Big Macs, Running Shoes and a 5-mile Route

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Think you’ve got the jist of the event from its title? Last Saturday evening, 35 runners and challenge enthusiasts, (including our very own employee, Jordan) ran the McD’s 5-miler. Participants ran a 2.5 mile (4km) route to the local McDonalds at Columbia and King in Waterloo, raced to eat a big mac combo and ran the return journey of 2.5 …

durrellcommBig Macs, Running Shoes and a 5-mile Route

Fostering Smiles

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Here at Durrell Comm, we keep an eye out for fun and exciting events taking place in the region. We especially like when these events work to make a positive difference in our community! The Foster Family Association puts on events such as this for the children they support. The FFA works hard to create special events and functions for …

durrellcommFostering Smiles