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What I’m Addicted To This Week: Calendar Blocking

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I am addicted to blocking off my calendar.

I continually struggle with time management, as I’m sure many of you do too. I have a real problem judging how long it will take me to complete a task. Chances are if I think a project will take one hour, I should have allocated two.

This year, I’m trying a new approach for managing my time – calendar blocking. I’ve read about it many times and always thought that I didn’t have time for it. Ironically, it’s actually helped me figure out where my time is going and how long a task actually takes.

I start by blocking off my anticipated workday. After accounting for meetings, I fill in my top priority tasks, leaving in scheduled time for emails and social media.

DComm Addicts - cal 2

My previous method?

List everything I need to do and try really hard to get it all done. One of my many “To Do List” problems was that I had no way of knowing whether my tasks would take me four hours or twelve.

It doesn’t always … scratch that, it rarely works out the way I planned, but it’s all about the process. Assigning a time to a task helps me judge my schedule more effectively and has given me a better sense of what I can accomplish in one day. Google Calendar makes it easy to reschedule tasks as the day goes on.

TIP: I’ve also discovered that I can set my Google Calendar to look at three days at a time instead of seven. I get a larger view of my tasks and my attention is focused on what I need to accomplish today.

I am obsessed with planning and right now I am addicted to scheduling my time effectively.

durrellcommWhat I’m Addicted To This Week: Calendar Blocking