#METOO – and we say, “#USTOO”

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At Durrell Communications, we place a high priority on helping people to tell their story in a way that honours what they truly want to communicate. So perhaps it’s not surprising that, as our discussion of the #MeToo hashtag developed, we were a little puzzled by our own hesitation in posting #MeToo on our personal social media channels. As an …

durrellcomm#METOO – and we say, “#USTOO”
Social Breakfast

Attention, Non-Profits and Charity Organizations!

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You have a great story to tell!  You are passionate, and believe in your organization’s ability to create powerful change… so how do you communicate that to your community? How do you connect? One of the most cost-effective ways is using social media, and writing original content. But wait a minute. You are too busy running your non-profit to write …

durrellcommAttention, Non-Profits and Charity Organizations!

An “Alternative Press Conference”

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Sean Spicer had the best first White House briefing of all time #spicerfacts Unless you are still in denial (we feel you) and hiding out from the reality of Donald Trump’s inauguration, you likely saw the showstopping spectacle that was Sean Spicer’s first White House briefing. Spicer’s first real shakedown with White House Press Corps made headlines, as I’m sure …

durrellcommAn “Alternative Press Conference”

How To Witness History: Tips for Watching the Inaugural Speech

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The moment has arrived; Inauguration Day is upon us. Today, Donald J. Trump, renowned businessman and celebrity TV host, will be sworn into power and take his seat in the Oval Office as President of the United States. No matter which candidate you supported, whether or not you agree with the outcome, the fact remains this is a moment of …

durrellcommHow To Witness History: Tips for Watching the Inaugural Speech

How To Promote Your Blog

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You’re finally done. You stayed on task and wrote an amazing blog on a really timely topic. You did everything right – wrote a buzzworthy title, made perfect subheadings, SEO’d the heck out of it, used superb quality images, liked everything, and of course, added some on point gifs. Problem is – no one is actually reading it – what …

durrellcommHow To Promote Your Blog
we the other

CBS Labels Toronto Raptors as the “Other” in Online Poll Resulting in Twitter Outrage #WeTheOther

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Tuesday morning, CBS released an online NBA poll labeling the Toronto Raptors as the “other” team competing for the NBA Championship title.   This Raptor catastrophe resulted in Canadian outrage on twitter. The already fired up pack created a hashtag #WeTheOther, creating a new name for the Toronto team. #WeTheOther quickly became the #1 trending hashtag in Canada, as a …

durrellcommCBS Labels Toronto Raptors as the “Other” in Online Poll Resulting in Twitter Outrage #WeTheOther
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Social Media and Fort McMurray

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The tragic forest fires in Fort McMurray have now been classified as “too large and too fierce to be stopped without rain”. Families are being forced to leave their homes and possessions. Parents are leaving without photo albums, children are without their favourite toys and babies have just enough bare necessities to live. At a time when fellow Canadians need …

durrellcommSocial Media and Fort McMurray
the havana dialogues

Crafting Hope in Havana

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There is something about art that brings out the child in all of us. Maybe it is the guiltless self-expression or the limitless creativity – whatever it is, we are lucky in Canada to have access to arts programs and supplies wherever we go. Currently, many young students in Cuba are not as fortunate as we, and our children, have …

durrellcommCrafting Hope in Havana

Hit Send – The Odds Are In Your Favour

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I’m not certain if there is a general rule to this – but if there isn’t, let’s create one. When you’re at a networking event and someone offers you help, whether it’s a meeting or simply a coffee, make sure you follow-up. Odds are, you’ll actually end up learning more than you would have otherwise. How do I know?  Experience.  …

Melissa DurrellHit Send – The Odds Are In Your Favour

Why Public Relations is Alive and Well

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Originally posted on AQ Blog and Grill. There are many skeptics out there who believe that public relations is a dead industry. Experts, like our guest Melissa Durrell, know better. Yes, the digital age is transforming the landscape of public relations, but that doesn’t mean any Joe Blow off the street can get your word out like a PR expert …

durrellcommWhy Public Relations is Alive and Well