30 Office Acronyms You Must Know

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Short forms are becoming more and more common, but what happens when BRB and LOL are not used but EOD or SEO are instead? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Below we’ve compiled a list of common office acronyms you may find in emails from your co-workers: ASAP – As Soon As Possible B2B – Business To Business B2C – Business …

durrellcomm30 Office Acronyms You Must Know

How To Promote Your Blog

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You’re finally done. You stayed on task and wrote an amazing blog on a really timely topic. You did everything right – wrote a buzzworthy title, made perfect subheadings, SEO’d the heck out of it, used superb quality images, liked everything, and of course, added some on point gifs. Problem is – no one is actually reading it – what …

durrellcommHow To Promote Your Blog

Hit Send – The Odds Are In Your Favour

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I’m not certain if there is a general rule to this – but if there isn’t, let’s create one. When you’re at a networking event and someone offers you help, whether it’s a meeting or simply a coffee, make sure you follow-up. Odds are, you’ll actually end up learning more than you would have otherwise. How do I know?  Experience.  …

Melissa DurrellHit Send – The Odds Are In Your Favour

Why Public Relations is Alive and Well

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Originally posted on AQ Blog and Grill. There are many skeptics out there who believe that public relations is a dead industry. Experts, like our guest Melissa Durrell, know better. Yes, the digital age is transforming the landscape of public relations, but that doesn’t mean any Joe Blow off the street can get your word out like a PR expert …

durrellcommWhy Public Relations is Alive and Well
Durrell Comm Blog 4 Great Tips for Planning Your Summer Soiree

4 Great Tips for Planning Your Summer Soiree

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Take advantage of the best season of the year by planning a corporate event. After months of subzero temperatures and snow, it’s needless to say that once summer arrives Canadians can’t get enough of the outdoors! This is probably biased, but I believe that summer in Southern Ontario is particularly beautiful: abundant in sunshine, smiling faces, and of course, incredible …

Laura Curk4 Great Tips for Planning Your Summer Soiree
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Spring Cleaning Your Electronic Space

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Nothing says spring has started like one day of beautiful blue skies, followed by week of precipitation that is somewhere between ice, water and what my cat threw up last night. What does this infamous weather tell us? It is time to get our sticks together.   When most people think ‘spring cleaning’ they think cleaning a physical space in …

Elaine SlobodaSpring Cleaning Your Electronic Space
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How to Create a Newsletter in Four Easy Steps

Kristyn Hanbidge Comm Blog, Comm Tips

Can you imagine what it was like trying to communicate 50-100 years ago? Without the amazing invention of “the internet”, it must have been a pain relying on word of mouth or snail mail to get in touch with people. Luckily, we have since adapted,  giving us the ability to send out information by the simple and satisfying click of …

Kristyn HanbidgeHow to Create a Newsletter in Four Easy Steps

Six Steps to Staying on Task

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Whether you’re struggling with a slow workday or you work in an office that’s filled with rich conversation, there are many distractions that keep you from staying on task. Especially if you are anything like us and your focus wanes without your daily dose(s) of coffee! Nevertheless, there are many ways to keep your focus at work! These simple changes …

durrellcommSix Steps to Staying on Task
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Why Social Media Isn’t Just About The Numbers

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Higher stats equals more business, right? Wrong. When it comes to the quality of your social media following, it is important to analyze the numbers in the correct way. Be able to separate the number of followers you have from the quality and relevance they bring to your brand—whether it be personal or corporate. Yes, analytics are an important aspect …

Elaine SlobodaWhy Social Media Isn’t Just About The Numbers
organization for PR perfect

Organization for PR Perfection

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We’ve compiled our three main takeaways to get your PR practices organized and ready for 2016. The New Year often leaves us with much to reflect on and many things to look forward to. In the world of PR, clients are revisited and contracts are typically renegotiated. It’s important as a company to continually re-evaluate your position in the community, with …

Elaine SlobodaOrganization for PR Perfection