Pitch Perfect: Posture

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          It’s time to stand up straight! Whenever you are presenting, you need to pay attention to your posture. Good posture will assist you with breathing and timing, it will give the appearance of confidence (whether it’s there or not), and it will open up your chest to help you project your voice. For many of …

durrellcommPitch Perfect: Posture
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Comm Tip: Grow

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  Grow. Grow with your customers. There’s one thing you will always know about your customers: when they grew up. Your business has been growing and so have they. Any knowledge about your potential clients is invaluable information. Think about your target audience. How have they grown while you’ve been expanding your company? What will they relate to? Whether you’re a …

durrellcommComm Tip: Grow

Comm Tip: Events

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Events Attending events is great way to expand your business as well as your circle of professional friends and acquaintances. Is your Christmas calendar full? Lots of events to attend? Great! Take advantage. We’re coming on 2014 and many companies do a large portion of their business online. While email and e-newsletters are both effective and efficient ways of getting your …

durrellcommComm Tip: Events
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Comm Tip: “@ Connect”

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“@ Connect” Always “@ Connect”. It is very important to check your Twitter @mentions regularly. The “@ Connect” area on Twitter keeps you informed and allows you to stay engaged with your online community. You can find your interactions by clicking the “@ Connect” button at the top left of Twitter’s website (beside Home). Keeping up with your interactions will …

durrellcommComm Tip: “@ Connect”

Comm Tip: Listen

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  Listen. Listening is critical to making your clients happy and it can even make your job easier. Actively listening to your clients doesn’t just give you a full understanding of what they’re requesting, but it also gives you that personal touch. Inflection and the words they use can give insight into the kind of person they are. And don’t forget …

durrellcommComm Tip: Listen

Comm Tip: List

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Comm Tip: List Make a list. Transfer that to do list from your head to a piece of paper. You will be less stressed and remember more when you make a list. On a busy day the last thing you want is another task, but making a list will keep you on track and free up essential brainpower. We all …

durrellcommComm Tip: List
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Back-to-school and Back-to-work

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  The nights are getting chilly and summer holidays have ended. Some of you have brought your kids to school and others are wondering why your 10-minute commute has changed to 20. It’s back to school and back to work and that means getting organized, getting supplies and updating your goals. Here are our September tips for getting back into …

durrellcommBack-to-school and Back-to-work

Comm Tip: Happiness

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  Happiness. A Happy mind is a productive and higher achieving mind. It’s called the Happiness Advantage and it has proven to raise creativity, productivity and intelligence. “If happiness is on the other side of success we will never get there.” says psychologist Shawn Achor. He explains that we have programed ourselves to be happy only when we have reached …

durrellcommComm Tip: Happiness
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Comm Tip: Check Your Links

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Check. Double check and check your links again. Nothing chases people away from your content like a missing link. You’ve seen it before and it’s terribly frustrating: The 404 error page. Do your best to avoid these by checking all of your links carefully. Whether you’re posting your latest blog, a link in your newsletter or the link to your …

durrellcommComm Tip: Check Your Links