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CBS Labels Toronto Raptors as the “Other” in Online Poll Resulting in Twitter Outrage #WeTheOther

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we the otherTuesday morning, CBS released an online NBA poll labeling the Toronto Raptors as the “other” team competing for the NBA Championship title.


This Raptor catastrophe resulted in Canadian outrage on twitter. The already fired up pack created a hashtag #WeTheOther, creating a new name for the Toronto team. #WeTheOther quickly became the #1 trending hashtag in Canada, as a sassy take on its well known trademark “We the North.”


As communications experts, we’ve been keeping a close eye on this controversy, giggle with us and enjoy some of our favourites from the day.




The Raptors official Twitter page Bio has also been changed to “The Other Team” to join the current trend.




Regardless of the faux pas, “the other” still managed to destroy the competing teams in the polls winning the majority of votes before being changed to ‘Raptors’



As the use of #WeTheOther increased, so did the mockery. Tweets specific to CBS’s mistake began to surface in attempt to get back at them for downplaying Toronto’s precious Raptors.






With all of Canada defending their currently successful team, CBS eventually gave an explanation to their wrongdoing making it clear that “the other” was not intentional, but that the poll had been crafted prior to the end results of Game 7.


Picture6CBS should be more careful next time; Toronto Raptors mean business!

durrellcommCBS Labels Toronto Raptors as the “Other” in Online Poll Resulting in Twitter Outrage #WeTheOther