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Comm Tip: Grow

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Grow with your customers. There’s one thing you will always know about your customers: when they grew up. Your business has been growing and so have they.

Any knowledge about your potential clients is invaluable information. Think about your target audience. How have they grown while you’ve been expanding your company? What will they relate to? Whether you’re a Boomer, Generation X, or a Millennial you know there’s a difference in how we grew up. We all remember our childhood. We remember the toys, the TV shows, the music and the styles that made us who we are today. Embrace these differences. Microsoft’s latest campaign says it all, (if you’re a Millennial), “You might not remember us… but we met in the 90s”. Their ingenious campaign ends with, “You grew up… and so did we.” What a punch line to unveil something new! How can you find deeper connections with your customers, young and old? Watch the video here.

Throwback Thursdays (#tbt) have become a huge phenomenon on social media. As much as we love to document our lives online, we also love to look back on them. Try it yourself!

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durrellcommComm Tip: Grow