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A Happy mind is a productive and higher achieving mind.


It’s called the Happiness Advantage and it has proven to raise creativity, productivity and intelligence.

“If happiness is on the other side of success we will never get there.” says psychologist Shawn Achor. He explains that we have programed ourselves to be happy only when we have reached success, but as we reach success we are programed to reach an even higher success. Meet your sales target this month? Set a higher target. This is exactly the thinking that leads to unhappy, unsatisfied lives. Achor says “Your brain at positive preforms significantly better than it does at negative neutral or stressed”. Time for a priority adjustment! There’s a lot you can do to help maintain a positive mind and to encourage happiness.

Watch the full talk and try it yourself:

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The Happiness Advantage


Gratitudes: write down or think about what you are grateful for everyday.

Random Acts of Kindness: share the happiness by going out of your way to make someone else smile.

Exercise: Get those endorphins moving by exercising regularly

Healthy Diet: Avoid sugars and highly processed foods that can leave your energy crashing.

Reflect: Journaling is a great way to reflect on a positive moment you recently ecperienced.

Meditate: Take a moment for yourself even if it’s only 5 minutes of quiet.






Jordan NottrodtComm Tip: Happiness