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Crafting Hope in Havana

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There is something about art that brings out the child in all of us. Maybe it is the guiltless self-expression or the limitless creativity – whatever it is, we are lucky in Canada to have access to arts programs and supplies wherever we go.

Currently, many young students in Cuba are not as fortunate as we, and our children, have been. And while Cuba thrives on an artistic culture, many students lack the skills and supplies to explore their creativity and passion further.

The Museum would like to change that.

Canada and Cuba have had a supportive connection with one another for over 70 years, and as a way to connect both of our passionate artistic communities, The Museum has started an initiative to share the work of students in a collaborative way.

Starting as a way to showcase the appreciation for our cultures differences and similarities, The Museum began what is known as the Havana Dialogues. The Havana Dialogues is an initiative where students, grades three to four, create and share art depicting life in Cuba from a child’s perspective. Currently, 29 of those pieces hang within The Museum.

But simply showcasing a student’s art is not enough. At the conclusion of the Havana Dialogues, The Museum will be sharing similar artwork created by Canadian students at Empire Public School with participating schools in Havana, Cuba – and vice versa. The goal is to create a modern twist on the “pen pal” to help students develop an understanding and appreciation for other cultures.

This being said, not all students in Cuba have access to the supplies needed for this sort of project. Without access to the tools they need, some students will not have the opportunity to experience the joy that comes with having their work celebrated and appreciated.

the havana dialogues

As part of the Havana Dialogues, The Museum collected donations and school supplies to gift to our new friends in Havana. Durrell Communications understands the importance of supporting arts in the community and encouraging young artists to explore their passions, which is why we have donated $500 worth of backpacks and school supplies to children as part of this initiative.

To learn more, visit The Museum’s website.

durrellcommCrafting Hope in Havana