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How the Heck Do You Write a Blog Anyway? #InternLife

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Over a month ago I started to write a blog, after being copy-edited on three separate occasions and still not being done I gave up completely, quit my job, and moved back in with my parents.

Okay I’m only joking.

What I realized is that maybe I didn’t exactly understand the idea behind a blog. So, I switched topics to help out individuals struggling, like myself, and decided to write a blog on, well, how to write a blog. There are the obvious things to look out for such as; grammar, format, and appropriate tags. What I want to focus on is the not so obvious stuff that takes time and practice.

I hope by reading my six biggest mistakes that you are able to learn and avoid feeling like I did, which was something like this:


The ol’ pen and paper: My first mistake was not drafting out what I wanted to say. When I did start, I was jumping back and forth between ideas. Jot down your ideas and draft the main points you want to get across into the body of paragraphs.


Give the people what they want: Once I was done completing what I thought were fabulous tips and recommendations I realized that they weren’t so fabulous, which brings me to my next mistake: not delivering what was promised. Your audience is expecting to learn whatever was promised in the title, make sure you deliver.


The hook: I failed to craft an interesting hook. You have about five seconds to grab and keep someone’s attention. Failing to do so is the difference between your readers skimming past it like clothes on a sale rack, or really getting into it like the new episode of The Walking Dead.


Make it entertaining: I failed to realize that blog writing requires a much different style of language in comparison to traditional writing. The language is playful, more relaxed, and you get to incorporate certain aspects that you wouldn’t be able to in a traditional writing piece. Giphy’s, funny graphics, and YouTube videos are all great ways to jazz it up and make your blog more visually appealing.


Call to action: Driving readers to do something will reinforce your points in their minds, and help you make a deeper connection with them. What is it you want? Do you want them to visit your website for more information? Reach out to you for a service or product? Contact you for advice? Make it clear.


The title: I saved this step for last because my final mistake was spending way too much time trying to find the perfect title. Thinking of a title is either one of the hardest or easiest things about a writing piece. I swear I spent half of whatever free time I had trying to come up with a funny title. The only thing I could come up with was realizing that maybe I just wasn’t all that funny. Trust me, the title will create itself if you let it. Be patient Daniel-son.


No two blog writers are the same, find your unique voice and let it show. Like Oscar Wilde once said,

Be yourself, everybody else is already taken.

Durrell Comm would love to work with you and your team on crafting a blog strategy. Send us an email.

durrellcommHow the Heck Do You Write a Blog Anyway? #InternLife