How To Witness History: Tips for Watching the Inaugural Speech

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The moment has arrived; Inauguration Day is upon us. Today, Donald J. Trump, renowned businessman and celebrity TV host, will be sworn into power and take his seat in the Oval Office as President of the United States.

No matter which candidate you supported, whether or not you agree with the outcome, the fact remains this is a moment of great historical significance – one our children and grandchildren will learn about in school; one they will ask you about. So remember where you were, what was said and how you felt. You are witnessing history in the making.

Here’s a summary of what you should be doing tomorrow, depending on your level of interest:


For the Uninterested: Watch the Inaugural Speech at Noon

Please – At the very least – Tune in to the Inaugural Speech!! Even if you have no TV at home and are forced to stream online or hang out in a laundromat or gym to do it. The words spoken today will be recorded in history books and remembered each and every tomorrow. You do not want to miss them.

Livestreams available here:


For the Curious: Watch the Inauguration Ceremony and Browse Twitter

Aside from watching the Inaugural Speech, it also helps to get perspective on Social Media. Twitter is your best bet for worthwhile immediate reactions.

Hashtags to follow:






For the Concerned: Watch the Inauguration Ceremony, Browse Social Media and Follow the Protest Marches.

If you’re feeling uneasy about what’s to come, pay attention to those fighting back. There are plenty of protest marches being held in Washington and all over world that will provide hope on such a dreary day.

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For the Engrossed: Watch the Inauguration Ceremony, Engage on Social Media, Follow the Protest Marches and Discuss the Issues

For those politically-savvy, you’ll want every possible angle, viewpoint or opinion immediately at your disposal for thorough analysis. That includes following and commenting on Twitter and Reddit, watching the ceremony live on TV, following the protest marches and having conversations with others to get a well-rounded scope of the day’s events.
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durrellcommHow To Witness History: Tips for Watching the Inaugural Speech