Meet Durrell Comm’s Elaine Sloboda

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Welcome Elaine Sloboda to Durrell Communications! Elaine joined our family in August and is now part of our team as a Client Manager.

Elaine is our research analyst and marketing guru with a natural inclinations for project management. Before graduating from the University of Waterloo this April, Elaine spent a year abroad in England. It was there she adopted a new grind altogether—a coffee grind. She worked under world class baristas in a United Kingdom first chain, specialty coffee shop training new employees and performing market research. After getting the opportunity to travel around Southeast England she couldn’t wait to come home and put her double-major Business & Psychology degree to use.

“Waterloo is such a tightly-knit community. I feel lucky to be able to take advantage of the great opportunities that come to light because of that fact.”

Elaine has a passion for research analysis and loves capitalizing on the power of information. Her data driven skills help round out the Durrell Comm team.

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Fun Facts:

She is a 70-year old woman at heart who would rather spend her weekend knitting and avoiding physical activity of most sorts. Elaine continues to blur the line between ‘foodie’ and ‘garburator’ every day by refusing to let any food go uneaten. Her standards for coffee are arguably higher, and will argue this was to her advantage when she served Malcolm Gladwell a flat white.

durrellcommMeet Durrell Comm’s Elaine Sloboda