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Organization for PR Perfection

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We’ve compiled our three main takeaways to get your PR practices organized and ready for 2016. The New Year often leaves us with much to reflect on and many things to look forward to. In the world of PR, clients are revisited and contracts are typically renegotiated. It’s important as a company to continually re-evaluate your position in the community, with your employees and with your clients. Did you accomplish your goals from the previous year? How will your goals change in the next 12 months? Asking questions is important and taking the time to answer them properly is key to starting the year off right.

Here are our top three voted areas to hone your organizational efforts in on in 2016.

Social Media.

Social media is likely a substantial portion of your PR efforts and it is precisely what it sounds like: social. There is no point to being on social media if your plan does not include some elements of interactivity with the community it strives to be a part of.

Taking this into consideration, the first part of executing a social media plan is determining what community—or communities—it needs and wants to be involved with.
Start by determining the demographic of your audience. After you have that, map out what they do—how do they spend their time? What does a typical day look like for them? What are their likes and dislikes? Got it? Great. Now use this information to build groups of communities you want to target. What do these communities like? Where do they go for information? What inspires them? Interaction on social media is key. Be sure that your voice is an accurate portrayal of the image and message you want your brand to represent.

Project Management.

Proper project management requires one large part planning and one small part patience. Plan ahead. Plan thoroughly. Plan with flexibility. Projects and large campaigns require the synchronicity of many people—knowing what is in your control and what is out of your control is an important aspect of responsible time management. With that in mind, be aware of what is in your control and make sure you take full lead on the appropriate roles. Having the right attitude lets your actions positively influence the involvement of others outside your autonomy.

Media Coverage.

Our number one tip when contacting media for story coverage—email them first. Try your very hardest not to call contacts as a first means of communication. By emailing a reporter or target contact, you show a mindfulness towards their time by not interrupting their workflow and you allow them to reach back to you at a time that suits them. Of course, we all know how easy it can be sometimes for an email to become buried among hundreds, which is why a call as a form of follow-up communication is perfect. This way you need never say the words ‘do you have a minute,’ ever again, because when you call the purpose will not be to pitch, but check in. Still want to know more? Check out our December 2015 blog on how your small business can get national media coverage.

Sometimes we hear people complain about not having ‘enough time’ to do things they want to do. We all know that we have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce or Obama. It all comes down to organization and proper time management. In the end, we cannot offer the perfect recipe for your PR success, because that simply does not exist. What we can do is share with you our experience and knowledge and hope that it can help you in your efforts in some way.

We hope to learn from you in the future! Tell us: what your greatest PR struggles have been in the past?