Pitch Perfect: Practice

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Durrell-Comm-Pitch-Perfect2You’ve heard the saying: “Practice Makes Perfect.” Musicians and athletes call it practice, actors and performers call it rehearsal – but either way, people who get in front of an audience on a regular basis always prepare themselves.

Practicing before you present is a must, and here are the most effective ways to do it:

Practice by Filming Yourself2962563930_de3a301aaf_o

We know how difficult it can be to hear or watch yourself on film, but trust us, it’s great practice! Set up a camera or smartphone and film yourself presenting. Play back your video. Are you speaking too quickly? Are your hands moving too much… or not at all? Watching yourself present can help you catch your own quirks, and help you control them.

Practice In Front of Friends

Since you are your own harshest critic, it helps to give your presentation in front of people that you trust. Ask them for their honest feedback. Find out what you can improve on, and what your strengths are. Make sure you pick those friends that are always honest with you whether you want them to be or not.

durrellcommPitch Perfect: Practice