Pitch Tip: Call To Action

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Durrell-Comm-Pitch-Perfect5You’ve probably heard this term get thrown around numerous times. Regardless of what it’s being called – ‘CTA’ or ‘Call To Action’ – it’s a crucial part of your pitch.

Why is a Call to Action Important?

A paper without a conclusion seems incomplete, right? A pitch without a CTA is the same. A call-to-action concludes your pitch, and instructs your audience of their next steps. If they don’t know what you want from them, there’s a good chance you will miss out on a handful of opportunities, including potential sales!

Comm-Blog-CTAHow to Write a Call to Action:

A call to action is a short statement that inspires your audience to act. When writing your pitch, it’s important to ask yourself, what is the end result? What do I want people to take away from this? What is the very next action I want them to take? This might include: trying your product, visiting your website, contacting you further, investing, or performing a task that takes the visitor further down the sales funnel.

Whichever action it be, here are a few tips for making your call to action effective:

  • Use the active voice with active verbs. ‘download’, ‘get’, ‘call’, ‘email’.
  • Add urgency by using words like ‘now’, ‘today’ and ‘limited time only’.
  • Use words that are proven to be powerful such as ‘free’ (everyone loves free!).
  • Make the choice to act as clear and easy as possible by concentrating on one action only. Don’t confuse your reader with too many options.
  • Be confident. Tell your reader what to do, and you might just get what you want from them!

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durrellcommPitch Tip: Call To Action