Pitch Tip: Eye Contact

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Haven’t thought about eye contact? Think again!

We’ve all left that conversation where the person you are speaking with just won’t look you in the eye. It doesn’t necessarily mean that person didn’t want to speak with you, but it certainly didn’t make you feel comfortable. You always want your audience to feel comfortable in your presence and this starts with opening your eyes to engage with your audience.

Making and maintaining eye contact creates a sense of intimacy and connection. It is crucial to any presentation and when done right it lets your audience know you are giving them your full attention.


People who make eye contact are perceived as open, honest, confident, and attractive!

Eye contact is the key to a good pitch for this very reason. Larger crowd? No problem! Scan the room and take turns making eye contact from left, right and center. Don’t forget the people at the back! If you’re worried about how your eye contact will be perceived, try it out by practicing on a friend! You’ll want an honest one for this. Any feedback you get will only help you improve.

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durrellcommPitch Tip: Eye Contact