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What I’m Addicted To This Week: Slack

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So yeah, I can easily say I’m addicted to Slack. I fell in love with this video, and then I fell in love with the app – and, unlike most apps that I fall in love with, I’m still using it on a daily, and hourly, basis!

At Durrell Comm, we have a growing team of rock stars, and Slack is a fantastic communication tool. While we’ve had issues in the past adding these so-called “tools” to our team’s daily regimen (we already use Dropbox, BBM, email, texting…and oh yeah, sometimes we actually talk face-to-face), Slack fits in perfectly!

I dig the channels, and the way our team can organize where we share client news, communication content, and trending topics. As well, the team now has a resource channel for professional development. For example, we always have a proposal or two on the go, and now can keep track of these in the proposal channel. It’s also always fun to throw in a Star Wars meme too, because really I can’t go a day without referencing the force!

Is it making me and my team more productive? I believe so, but more importantly it’s helping us communicate better…which is a BIG deal when you make your living helping others communicate.

durrellcommWhat I’m Addicted To This Week: Slack