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Spring Cleaning Your Electronic Space

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Nothing says spring has started like one day of beautiful blue skies, followed by week of precipitation that is somewhere between ice, water and what my cat threw up last night. What does this infamous weather tell us? It is time to get our sticks together.  

When most people think ‘spring cleaning’ they think cleaning a physical space in their life – whether that be their house; lawn; closet; you name it. But with technology taking more and more space in our lives, that simply doesn’t cover it anymore. We are here to share with you how to organize your ‘electronic life’ in a way that leaves you with peace of mind and a thorough strategy.

Here are our favourite tools for organizing our electronic space:


Google gets constant props from us for creating tools that are not only easy to use, but functional and well integrated. Todoist is just another one of the simple things Google made even simpler. It allows us to organize to-do lists that can be ranked in priority, shared with colleagues and clients, accessed anywhere and measures productivity. The only thing it doesn’t provide is the satisfaction of stroking an item off the list – oh wait, it does that too.


One person can be as organized as they wish, but when it comes to working in a team it’s a whole other story. Slack is a great platform for inter-office communications, facilitating an infinite number of individuals with an infinite number of locations. It allows your workplace conversations to be organized in a way that makes them easily accessible, referenceable, and most importantly non-disruptive to the rest of the office.

Sprout Social

When managing a collection of social media accounts that are all striving for maximum efficiency, it is important to keep a close eye on the back-end analytics to be sure what you’re doing is having the intended effect. We just recently started using Sprout Social which is an easy-to-use platform designed to aggregate important analytics in one place. It’s an easy way for us to check all the important information for all our clients in a few simple clicks. Is it as useful for your personal account? That all depends on how much time and attention you want to devote into making it a success – which varies for everyone.


Backup your data. Whether your use a cloud based software like Dropbox or a physical external hard-drive, do not keep your eggs in one basket. One day you will drop that basket, your eggs will crack all over the floor and you will be left in a sticky situation. Hard boil those eggs – hard boil lots of those eggs and make sure you keep them in several sturdy baskets. That way when one of those baskets breaks, you do not.


It’s in the details – one small typo has the capacity to forfeit your credibility. Grammarly is our invisible angel, sitting on our shoulder and making sure that on the days where our brain is working faster than our fingers, things don’t get out of hand. It combs through any content written through a browser and checks it for errors – grammar, spelling mistakes and more. It can be a lifesaver when you need to write a lot of quick emails in a row, and we highly recommend it.

When in doubt – use Google for everything. They have truly mastered the organization of your electronic space to a frightening capacity. For example, as I strolled by the library the other day, I received a notification from my phone reminding me to return a library book. Spooky, yet convenient. Seems to be the general theme for all our electronic gadgets these days – they are frighteningly useful.

durrellcommSpring Cleaning Your Electronic Space