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What I’m Addicted To This Week: Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

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This week, I am addicted to 2015’s spring fashion trends. There are so many styles that are coming out of New York, Milan, Paris, and London’s fashion weeks that my brain is BUZZING with new wardrobe ideas.

I’ve always had an affinity towards fashion; but, while I like keeping up with fashion week styles and what’s popular, fashion isn’t about blindly following trends. It’s about discovering what is innately “you”, and creating a closet that flatters your personality – collecting pieces that you love regardless of what others say or think.

That’s why I’m presenting my favourite spring styles. Trust me, there are LOTS of great looks this season; I just like these the most!

  1. Head-to-Toe White

For spring 2015, it isn’t about the rules of when you can wear white; it’s about how you wear it! New styling tricks include layering multiple pieces, and mixing textures.  

If the all white look isn’t your cup of tea, consider the white sneaker look! It’s been going strong for over a year now; they’re simple, cool, and comfortable. 

1 - White - Laura Addicts

  1. The Subtle Seventies

Designers are not over how hot the ‘70s were in terms of fashion because flared trousers, versatile denim to suede, jean skirts, retro collars, and big hats are back.

Remember, the ‘70s look is considered modern when used in moderation. If you start to channel your inner Fonz, you’ve gone too far!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 6.12.09 PM

  1. Great Gingham

Although gingham prints have been around for awhile, designers are honing in on a new way of presenting them. Through a range of colours, the print will be used extensively in everyday wear.

I’ll be extremely impressed with anyone who can pull off head-to-toe gingham.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.17.58 PM

  1. The Slouchy Trend 

While strict tailoring can look very smart, it’s apparent that the jacket trend right now is a bit more loosey-goosey. The latest in that vein is a soft trench to wrap yourself in; it’s the fashionable “roll out of bed” look.  

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.22.14 PM

  1. Transparent

Although spring is always a popular time for sheer, this season it is about embracing the fully transparent pleated skirt. Regardless of the shade, it is an ideal combination of sexy and coy.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.24.05 PM

With hundreds of fashion shows across the globe, sifting through the thousands of new looks in the spring 2015 collections is tricky. Fortunately, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, The Huffington Post, and more, have done the heavy lifting by creating spring 2015 style cheat sheets.

If you’d prefer to get wardrobe inspiration in person, check out these Uptown Waterloo businesses: SASS Waredrobe Essentials, Erban Corner, Andies, Heel Boy, David Finlay, and American Apparel (perfect for transparent clothing).

Now I’m off to go purchase my white sneakers!

durrellcommWhat I’m Addicted To This Week: Spring 2015 Fashion Trends