How To Promote Your Blog

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You’re finally done. You stayed on task and wrote an amazing blog on a really timely topic. You did everything right – wrote a buzzworthy title, made perfect subheadings, SEO’d the heck out of it, used superb quality images, liked everything, and of course, added some on point gifs. Problem is – no one is actually reading it – what …

durrellcommHow To Promote Your Blog
the havana dialogues

Crafting Hope in Havana

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There is something about art that brings out the child in all of us. Maybe it is the guiltless self-expression or the limitless creativity – whatever it is, we are lucky in Canada to have access to arts programs and supplies wherever we go. Currently, many young students in Cuba are not as fortunate as we, and our children, have …

durrellcommCrafting Hope in Havana
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How the Heck Do You Write a Blog Anyway? #InternLife

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Over a month ago I started to write a blog, after being copy-edited on three separate occasions and still not being done I gave up completely, quit my job, and moved back in with my parents. Okay I’m only joking. What I realized is that maybe I didn’t exactly understand the idea behind a blog. So, I switched topics to …

durrellcommHow the Heck Do You Write a Blog Anyway? #InternLife