Why Public Relations is Alive and Well

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Originally posted on AQ Blog and Grill. There are many skeptics out there who believe that public relations is a dead industry. Experts, like our guest Melissa Durrell, know better. Yes, the digital age is transforming the landscape of public relations, but that doesn’t mean any Joe Blow off the street can get your word out like a PR expert …

durrellcommWhy Public Relations is Alive and Well
Durrell Comm Blog 4 Great Tips for Planning Your Summer Soiree

4 Great Tips for Planning Your Summer Soiree

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Take advantage of the best season of the year by planning a corporate event. After months of subzero temperatures and snow, it’s needless to say that once summer arrives Canadians can’t get enough of the outdoors! This is probably biased, but I believe that summer in Southern Ontario is particularly beautiful: abundant in sunshine, smiling faces, and of course, incredible …

durrellcomm4 Great Tips for Planning Your Summer Soiree
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What I’m Addicted To This Week: Periscope

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“Hey! I’m Periscoping Passover!” I first heard about this new app around a noisy dinner table, from a younger cousin holding up his iPhone; as if others around the world would want to “virtually” participate in a complete stranger’s family holiday – as it turns out, 2 people did!! What the heck is Periscope? It’s not for submarines or another …

durrellcommWhat I’m Addicted To This Week: Periscope
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Anti-Spam Legislation: All You Need To Know

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Confused about CASL? Let us help! You’re hearing about it everywhere, but what does it actually mean? The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation is approaching fast and we’ve got everything you need to know right here. CASL (or as we like to call it here at Durrell Comm, ‘castle’) will come into effect July 1, protecting individuals and businesses from unwanted or …

durrellcommAnti-Spam Legislation: All You Need To Know
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Comm Tip: Grow

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  Grow. Grow with your customers. There’s one thing you will always know about your customers: when they grew up. Your business has been growing and so have they. Any knowledge about your potential clients is invaluable information. Think about your target audience. How have they grown while you’ve been expanding your company? What will they relate to? Whether you’re a …

durrellcommComm Tip: Grow
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Comm Tip: “@ Connect”

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“@ Connect” Always “@ Connect”. It is very important to check your Twitter @mentions regularly. The “@ Connect” area on Twitter keeps you informed and allows you to stay engaged with your online community. You can find your interactions by clicking the “@ Connect” button at the top left of Twitter’s website (beside Home). Keeping up with your interactions will …

durrellcommComm Tip: “@ Connect”

Comm Tip: List

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Comm Tip: List Make a list. Transfer that to do list from your head to a piece of paper. You will be less stressed and remember more when you make a list. On a busy day the last thing you want is another task, but making a list will keep you on track and free up essential brainpower. We all …

durrellcommComm Tip: List