NHL Learns a Hard PR Lesson Early in 2016

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1.194 million people watched a highly anticipated televised event Sunday night—no, not Grease Live the NHL All-Star Game. Tweet was the word as audiences discussed one of the most controversial events the NHL has ever hosted. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain what happened. In case you missed it, some folks on the Internet decided to have …

durrellcommNHL Learns a Hard PR Lesson Early in 2016
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How Your Small Business Can Get National Media

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For most small businesses the likelihood of showing up in the Wall Street Journal or Huffington Post is pretty remote. But it is not impossible. When it comes to their business, entrepreneurs carry more than one title. Not only are they the CEO, they are their company’s marketing director, human resource department, finance department, the problem solver, strategic thinker and …

durrellcommHow Your Small Business Can Get National Media
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Digging Deeper Into Online Marketing

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Our PR Strategist Laura Curk has been digging deep into online marketing. Did you hear the one about the baker that burned its customers on social media? It’s not a joke, especially for them. The company ended up on Dr. Phil to plea for redemption. But no crisis communication team could dig them out. It begs the question, “how many companies …

durrellcommDigging Deeper Into Online Marketing