What a Winner Says

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And the winner is… It’s awards season, and admittedly I’m a speech wonk. There is nothing better than a perfectly worded acceptance speech that makes you smile, fill with pride and genuinely happy for the winner. This week, the KW Chamber of Commerce is hosting its Business Achievement Awards Gala. It’s arguably the biggest awards ceremony in Waterloo Region and …

Melissa DurrellWhat a Winner Says
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What I’m Addicted To This Week: Blackberry Passport

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I’m addicted to my Blackberry passport and its BIG screen. I will freely admit that I’ve always been healthily addicted to my smartphone. It fits perfectly into my life, allowing me to work from my office, my favourite coffee shop, or my home. However, I’ve found a new phone that was designed just for me. I now have to profess …

Melissa DurrellWhat I’m Addicted To This Week: Blackberry Passport