Pitch Tip: Call To Action

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You’ve probably heard this term get thrown around numerous times. Regardless of what it’s being called – ‘CTA’ or ‘Call To Action’ – it’s a crucial part of your pitch. Why is a Call to Action Important? A paper without a conclusion seems incomplete, right? A pitch without a CTA is the same. A call-to-action concludes your pitch, and instructs …

durrellcommPitch Tip: Call To Action

Pitch Tip: Eye Contact

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Haven’t thought about eye contact? Think again! We’ve all left that conversation where the person you are speaking with just won’t look you in the eye. It doesn’t necessarily mean that person didn’t want to speak with you, but it certainly didn’t make you feel comfortable. You always want your audience to feel comfortable in your presence and this starts …

durrellcommPitch Tip: Eye Contact

Pitch Perfect: Practice

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  You’ve heard the saying: “Practice Makes Perfect.” Musicians and athletes call it practice, actors and performers call it rehearsal – but either way, people who get in front of an audience on a regular basis always prepare themselves. Practicing before you present is a must, and here are the most effective ways to do it: Practice by Filming Yourself …

durrellcommPitch Perfect: Practice