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Social Media and Fort McMurray

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The tragic forest fires in Fort McMurray have now been classified as “too large and too fierce to be stopped without rain”. Families are being forced to leave their homes and possessions. Parents are leaving without photo albums, children are without their favourite toys and babies have just enough bare necessities to live. At a time when fellow Canadians need …

durrellcommSocial Media and Fort McMurray

Hit Send – The Odds Are In Your Favour

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I’m not certain if there is a general rule to this – but if there isn’t, let’s create one. When you’re at a networking event and someone offers you help, whether it’s a meeting or simply a coffee, make sure you follow-up. Odds are, you’ll actually end up learning more than you would have otherwise. How do I know?  Experience.  …

durrellcommHit Send – The Odds Are In Your Favour
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Why Social Media Isn’t Just About The Numbers

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Higher stats equals more business, right? Wrong. When it comes to the quality of your social media following, it is important to analyze the numbers in the correct way. Be able to separate the number of followers you have from the quality and relevance they bring to your brand—whether it be personal or corporate. Yes, analytics are an important aspect …

durrellcommWhy Social Media Isn’t Just About The Numbers