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Social Media and Fort McMurray

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The tragic forest fires in Fort McMurray have now been classified as “too large and too fierce to be stopped without rain”. Families are being forced to leave their homes and possessions. Parents are leaving without photo albums, children are without their favourite toys and babies have just enough bare necessities to live. At a time when fellow Canadians need …

durrellcommSocial Media and Fort McMurray
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A New Type of Social Sharing

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We’ve all been there, something amazing happens and we immediately grab our phones to capture the moment and share it with our friends. It’s become second nature for us to see our worlds through a screen and not with our actual eyes. Thinking about it now, we are probably missing so much more in the long run, even if we have …

durrellcommA New Type of Social Sharing

3 Words You Should Never Use on Facebook

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Today, Tonight, Tomorrow. This is advice to remember! Never, ever use the words today, tonight, or tomorrow when posting on Facebook. In fact, avoid using these words on LinkedIn as well. Why? Facebook (and LinkedIn) are known for resurfacing content. This means, the posts you see in your newsfeed are not always instant. They could be from 10 minutes ago, …

durrellcomm3 Words You Should Never Use on Facebook
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Spring-Clean Your Social Media Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

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Spring is in the air, and after the harsh winter we had in Canada, it’s about time for some sunshine and rejuvenation. While we know the importance of dusting, mopping, and ultimately, spring-cleaning your home, it’s also important to think about how you can spring-clean your business. An easy place to start is with your online strategy, specifically your social …

durrellcommSpring-Clean Your Social Media Strategy in 3 Easy Steps