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How to Create a Newsletter in Four Easy Steps

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Can you imagine what it was like trying to communicate 50-100 years ago? Without the amazing invention of “the internet”, it must have been a pain relying on word of mouth or snail mail to get in touch with people. Luckily, we have since adapted,  giving us the ability to send out information by the simple and satisfying click of …

durrellcommHow to Create a Newsletter in Four Easy Steps

Six Steps to Staying on Task

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Whether you’re struggling with a slow workday or you work in an office that’s filled with rich conversation, there are many distractions that keep you from staying on task. Especially if you are anything like us and your focus wanes without your daily dose(s) of coffee! Nevertheless, there are many ways to keep your focus at work! These simple changes …

durrellcommSix Steps to Staying on Task

3 Words You Should Never Use on Facebook

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Today, Tonight, Tomorrow. This is advice to remember! Never, ever use the words today, tonight, or tomorrow when posting on Facebook. In fact, avoid using these words on LinkedIn as well. Why? Facebook (and LinkedIn) are known for resurfacing content. This means, the posts you see in your newsfeed are not always instant. They could be from 10 minutes ago, …

durrellcomm3 Words You Should Never Use on Facebook

Comm Tip: List

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Comm Tip: List Make a list. Transfer that to do list from your head to a piece of paper. You will be less stressed and remember more when you make a list. On a busy day the last thing you want is another task, but making a list will keep you on track and free up essential brainpower. We all …

durrellcommComm Tip: List