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The Most Effective Use of Five Hours – Content Marketing for Your Small Business

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Between webinars, slideshows, infographics, blogs, and statistics, we’ve seen it all.

Content is an integral aspect of marketing your business and it starts with you – the expert of your industry.

Content Marketing Definition

The toughest part of any content marketing strategy is finding the time and resources to implement it. This can be especially difficult for smaller companies who only have a marketing team of one, those who don’t have a marketing team at all, or for those of you who run a business all by yourself.

It can be done! Yes, there’s a way to stay on top of your content, even create great content, with only a few hours a month. If you’re consistent and make smart topic choices that reflect your industry knowledge, you’ll be well on your content journey in just a few months.

Get started by calculating how much time you can give up to content each month. We know just how valuable your time is to your company; however, the ROI on an effective content strategy has been proven time and time again. This stuff really works!

Don’t believe in the power of content? Take a look at Newscred’s “50 Stats You Need To Know About Content Marketing

TIP: Separate your content by month. This way you can organize your topics and set monthly goals. It’s also easier to calculate your success!

Five hours to spare

5 hoursWe recommend writing one blog post a month and engaging on social media as much as possible. You can share other people’s content too, making yourself a network of resources for your followers. Your time is valuable, so focus on the topics that are most important to your customers.


TIP: Blogs can be more than written content. Add a video to show off your dazzling brand personality and increase your blog’s exposure!

10 hoursWe recommend producing two blogs a month and analyzing their success. What topics are generating the most attention? How can you create similar content that keeps your audience engaged? Continue to share your content on social media and interact with other relevant influencers from your industry.


TIP: Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Are you an elaborate storyteller? Is a member of your staff charismatic and great in front of a camera? Is your co-owner a detail mastermind who can generate a top-notch list? Let your team generate content that plays to each individual’s strengths.

20 hoursWe recommend two to three blogs each month, along with a community initiative that will get people talking online. How can you get your followers interacting with your content? A contest? A community profile? A fundraiser? A Q&A session?


TIP: Create a content calendar for the year as a whole. Separate your content by month, noting where holidays fall, season’s change, community events and business campaigns.

You’re an expert in your field and it’s time you shared your knowledge and experience with your customers. Let the brand trust, optimal SEO, and product differentiation begin!

Remember the content you create is for your customers – your brand is just along for the positive association ride. Give your customers exactly what they’re looking for. They will remember they heard it from you first, they will remember you solved their latest hurdle, and they will remember there’s something about your brand they can relate to – something about your brand they trust.

Content Marketing

Fully immerse yourself in who your customers are and what they are looking for. If you can solve their problems, then you have gained a brand buddy, a loyal follower, and maybe even a new customer.

Are you a hair salon? Chances are your followers want to learn from you. They want hair how-to’s, tutorials, and industry tips.

Are you a car dealership? Chances are your followers want to know when they should be taking off their snow tires, how to choose the right car, and tips for keeping a car at peak performance.

Are you a business trainer or coach? Chances are your followers want to hear success stories. They want one-pagers, and lists that motivate them to start on their path to success.

TIP: Check your outbox. What questions are your customers asking? Design your content around answering those questions.

We wish you the best of luck pursuing your 2015 content strategy. As always, Durrell Comm is here to help you get the word out. If you’ve found a roadblock, let us know how we can help you on your road to content success!

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durrellcommThe Most Effective Use of Five Hours – Content Marketing for Your Small Business