Create Your Own Magic – What we can learn from Disney

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Yep, Durrell Comm’s Jordan is off on vacation! So where does a woman in her mid-20s go? Disney, of course! She is likely having a glass of wine with Mickey Mouse or perhaps screaming her head off on a roller coaster. A well deserved vacation for Ms. Jordan! BUT… before she left she wrote this blog! So check it out!

What we can learn from Disney

Curiosity: Alice in Wonderland


Some curiosity never hurt your creative side. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The extreme outrageous can lead to the best ideas you’ve ever had.

Teamwork: Cinderella

Work as a team. You can’t do everything yourself.  It’s important to know how to play well with others to accomplish a project together.

Accept: Beauty & the Beast


Every client and colleague will be different. Learn to accept people for who they are and admire their unique qualities. Everyone has something different to offer.

Explore: Aladdin


The next time you fall in to a creative rut, try some exploring. You never know where you’ll find your next bit of inspiration.

Hard Work: Mulan


Sometimes we all need to get down to business. Work hard, and play hard. When deadlines are due, it’s time to dig deep and get what you need done.

Dream Big


You’ll never get to big places unless you dream big and can see yourself getting there. Reach for the stars…

…a little magic never hurts.



Jordan NottrodtCreate Your Own Magic – What we can learn from Disney