When Media Calls

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When the media calls, and they will, what do you do? At Durrell Comm we want to give you tips that will help you stay cool, calm, and collected when you get that unexpected phone call.


If you remember any advice we give, remember this: Do not take an interview on the spot – anything you say can and will be used against you! Ask them to call you back, and they will. You need time to focus and prepare. Imagine what you might say about your company on the spot? Even the best spokesperson will take time to prepare before an interview.

Here’s what you should do if the media comes knocking unannounced (and they will, because you have an amazing PR team behind you!)

1)   Tell them you will call them back in an hour, or maybe even ten minutes depending on how prepared you feel. You now have time to formulate your answers.

2)   Call us. We can help talk you through practice questions and fine tune your answers so that you feel confident in your responses.

3)   If we are not immediately available, take some time to think about your answers on your own. This starts with determining what questions they will ask you and why.  Make sure your answers are focused on your goals and that they align with your company’s mission statement.

Take a deep breath and calm your nerves. A great article begins with being prepared for your interview!

durrellcommWhen Media Calls