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Why Social Media Isn’t Just About The Numbers

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Higher stats equals more business, right? Wrong.
When it comes to the quality of your social media following, it is important to analyze the numbers in the correct way. Be able to separate the number of followers you have from the quality and relevance they bring to your brand—whether it be personal or corporate. Yes, analytics are an important aspect of measuring the success of your social media efforts. However, you must remember that a statistic is only as meaningful as the quality of information it brings.

When you review your social analytics ask yourself these five big questions to ensure you get the most out of your social media.

1. Can I summarize my brand in one sentence?
Before you begin pushing your colours out into the world, make sure you know what they are. There is nothing more confusing than inconsistent brand messaging. You should have a strong idea of who your target audience is, their behaviours, what they like and what they dislike. You should be confident and clear in your brand identity and how it will interact with its audience.

2. Are those I follow true to my brand?
Now that you are confident in who you are, be confident with who you associate with. Do the accounts you support represent messages that are consistent with your brand identity? Does their message enrich your brand through association, or dilute it? For example, there are services that promise a large Twitter following—they accomplish this through mass following, bots and spamming. As a result, the quality of those you follow suffers in favour of an arbitrarily large number of followers and those you follow.

3. Are my followers a relevant audience for my brand?
In the same vein as being wary of who you follow, you should consistently evaluate who follows you. Is it the same target audience intended for your brand, or has it deviated? Awareness is key to promoting an effective and representative message in favour of your personal or corporate identity.

4. Is my content engaging to that audience?
If you think you have a receptive message going to the right audience, now is when you can start analyzing your data. Impressions indicate the approximate number of eyes that have seen your content, and interactions are how many times that audience has directly corresponded with your brand. Having a high number of interactions against your impressions can be a good way to tell what percentage of those who see your message, actually engage with it. Assuming you have put careful thought into your brand and audience, this number is a good starting indicator of your beginning social media efforts.

5. Where do I see my brand and its following in the next year?
Always look ahead—time moves only in one direction. Every time you find your footing today, remember that tomorrow is another day. Once you are confident in where you are now, start thinking about where you want to be standing in the next year. Is it the same place? Is it in another industry or with another audience? Planning ahead is essential in business practice when possible.

After all is said and done, if you are serious about creating a reliable brand you should be willing to put the necessary effort into ensuring it is well represented to the public. It can be very easy to ruin or dilute an otherwise exceptional brand identity through the poor or lack of planning of these steps. If you are thinking of telling your story to the world, make sure it is the story you want to tell to the right people.

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durrellcommWhy Social Media Isn’t Just About The Numbers