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Hey, ladies! Ever look around the room and realize you are the only women sitting around the boardroom table? If you work in the tech world, it happens a lot! I love the “women of tech”; they are smart, strong and determined women (my favourite qualities). But we know that we do not make up 50% of the workforce.


I’m pretty pumped to be a part of this Bootcamp!  We are welcoming women from London UK, Buffalo, Halifax and the KW region.  Nearly 100 women applied but only 26 women representing 23 companies will take part.

I will be presenting on telling your story! The importance of hooking your audience through a dynamic story that relates to your business and the problem you are solving. The second workshop will focus on nailing your pitch, and how to deal with nerves and presentation technique.

The Women Entrepreneurs Bootcamp starts this week, August 19th and I believe this important program will begin to recalibrate the boardroom ratios.   Learn more about the program here.

Melissa Durrell, Durrell Comm President



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