Build the skills to speak confidently in front of any audience.

Our specialized training programs will help you improve your abilities in the areas you need it most.

All training courses are offered for groups and individuals
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Pitch Coaching

Want to give a perfect pitch? Need investors to fund your start-up idea? Or just need to amplify your elevator pitch?

In Pitch Coaching, we focus on storytelling, pitch preparation, and presentation delivery. Once you have prepared your amazing pitch deck and it’s ready to be critiqued, we record you and play it back to work on body language, voice control and appearance.

1. Storytelling

• The importance of a story
• What types of stories work?
• Finding your story
• Why do you need a hook?
• What is your company’s one-liner?

Takeaway: You’ll be able to start scripting!

2. Pitch Preparation

• Polishing your deck
• Discussing specific slides
• Brainstorming deck design
• Improving consistency and flow
• Examining and addressing problem areas
• Editing your script (or lack of)

Takeaway: Be well on your way to scripting and completing your final deck.

3. Presentation delivery

Offered as full, half day or custom presentation training sessions.

• Warm-up exercises
• Presentation tips
• Voice techniques
• Body positioning and posture & tips for calming nerves
• Appearance and apparel
• First impressions
• Tips for overcoming bad habits
• A video copy of your presentation

Takeaway: Now confident, calm and prepared, you’ll be ready to rock and roll come pitch day.

Media Training

We prepare you to pitch your story to the media and craft key messages that align with your company’s values. You’ll be able to speak confidently in front of the media and increase your visibility.

We offer both group and individual media training sessions in full or half day sessions.

Our media training sessions include: 

• General overview of working with the media in your area and industry trends
• Interactive opportunities to identify, analyze and craft effective messaging
Practice sessions and simulations to identify and develop best practices for media relations
Preparation for scrum interviews

One-on-one interview training
Hard-hitting and ‘soft-balling’ interview techniques and scenarios
Live interviews with a trained reporter and photographer
Customized workbook with scenarios and best practices for future reference

Presentation and Sales Coaching

Brilliant entrepreneurs and executives with great ideas can’t always communicate effectively — they need some help in the presentation skills department. Melissa can help with that — she is a presentation training master.

A good speech and presentation comes from the union between the message and the speaker. Durrell Communications gives its clients the keys to building a logical, interesting and fluid speech. Once you master writing for speech, you’ll learn how to present in a charismatic and convincing way and leave ready to present with ease and confidence.

Book group sessions for your organization or choose individual sessions for one-on-one attention.

Our presentation training sessions include:
How to write for speech
How to gain confidence in one’s ability to speak in public
How to improve one’s charisma and know how to manage the space when presenting