With emerging and current trends impacting both the work we do and how we communicate, we have to be ready for anything! This means we’re constantly reading and researching to stay up to date. 

So in the spirit of the season (of end-of-year roundups and predictions for 2020), we made our own list: top trends we can’t wait to engage with in the new year. Our entire team has contributed to our list of exciting trends — from media to marketing to social. 

1. New and improved pitches

It’s no longer enough to simply send an email or a traditional press pitch to the media in order to secure coverage. Maddie predicts a trend towards a new style of pitch, one that will consider all aspects of our client’s social and digital footprint. 

In order to make the most of earned media, PR professionals need to look to creating original content—like short-format videos, high quality imagery and other digital experiences in order to reach audiences across a variety of platforms. 

2. Interactive tactics to increase engagement 

Adding an interactive aspect to your PR and marketing strategy will directly involve current and prospective customers, increasing engagement. Alicia’s examples of tactics to incorporate in 2020 include running contests, offering giveaways and producing engaging social media content using questions and polls. (We’re ahead of the game — we ran a contest campaign in 2019 that amplified messaging around a brand-new development’s brand!) 

3. The changing media landscape

In a world where every outlet – legacy and newcomers on the market – now requires a subscription for access, Rachael sees further change in how we monitor media. This trend will continue to impact how we navigate the media landscape, especially the increasingly blurred lines between editorial, advertorial and other demands on marketing and PR budgets. 

4. Temporary content making a big impact 

Social media is always “trending” — and for 2020, Bianca anticipates creating way more ‘disappearing’ and temporary content for our clients. Working with your audience, whether characterized by short attention spans or being short on time, means using a variety of approaches. 

This is why Stories are so popular on social platforms — interesting, addictive, and best of all: short. We expect this content format to become more and more a part of our digital strategy to engage and indulge our audiences. 

5. Client-generated content remains essential 

We’re big proponents of content development — both short- and long-form content to reach our clients’ audiences. Geena sees us working on even more purposeful content in 2020 to reach audiences — especially on client-owned channels. Article submission, opinion-based pieces or advertorial opportunities will still be valuable, but we can’t rely on the same level of access with social media juggernauts forever. Developing clients’ reputations through owned contact lists, like newsletters, is expected to be critical in the future. 

6. Email marketing, better than ever

Content marketing and email marketing will go hand in hand, helping brands build meaningful relationships with their audiences. Emma’s attention is on the email marketing space, believing that promoting valuable content (not just selling products or services) is going to be an important trend. So blogs, guides, tutorials, videos, graphics and other valuable content can make for great email content for an audience that wants to hear from you. 

7. Embrace event technology

Samareh knows successful corporate events take planning — and should now include the use of appropriate technology. The biggest trend on the horizon is integrating the right time-saving technologies to improve attendee experience. Gone are the days where participants have to stand in a long line at the registration desk to write their names and email addresses on the sign in sheet. Event ticketing apps speed up the check-in process, capture correct information for customer leads and can make the registration process more personal — increasing the overall impression and future attendance numbers.  

8. A shift in the SEO industry 

In 2020, being on the first page of search results is no longer going to be the most important goal for businesses when it comes to getting noticed through digital marketing. 

Consumers are changing the way they use search engines like Google with the growth of mobile and voice search. As people are always looking for the fastest way to get their information, search and browsing behaviour is constantly being updated on search engines themselves. Claire predicts that voice search will continue to have a major impact on how brands create content and market online. Website click-throughs will become a thing of the past since search engines will feature snippets directly on the search results page. 

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