The pandemic still has a tight grip on the world, and it’s easy to feel like life is on hold. But the way we’re consuming content is always changing, and 2022 will be a year of groundbreaking shifts in the marketing and communications industry. Businesses will need to look at switching their focus to better understand consumer needs in order to build a competitive marketing strategy in the ever-changing digital world. 

Staying ahead of the curve leads to success, and Durrell Communications has you covered. 

Here’s a look at key marketing trends to watch in 2022:

Video Marketing

Short-form video content is taking flight and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts are shaking up the social media space. According to G2, “social video generates 12-hundred per cent more shares than text and image content combined.” Video content is more popular than ever and should be a key part of your marketing strategy. 

Social Shopping

Social commerce is the process of buying and selling products and services directly on social media. Social shopping has been around for a while, but the pandemic is driving demand, causing companies to rethink how they do business online. According to a recent survey by The Influencer Marketing Factory, “97 percent of Gen Z consumers use social media as their top source of shopping inspiration.” Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are leveraging their in-app shopping solutions to keep up with this growing demand. Now is the time to meet your customers where they are and adopt e-commerce into your social strategy.

Hybrid experiences

The pandemic brought an end to large gatherings, forcing us to become more accustomed to virtual events. Many organizations are taking note of the benefits of going virtual, such as higher attendance, lower costs, more detailed analytics and a lower carbon footprint. In 2022, we’re hoping to see the return of larger in-person events, but many will take on a hybrid model. Hybrid events can offer the benefits of both virtual and in-person elements, such as a balance of interaction and allowing attendees to participate from any location. Thinking about hosting an event in the near future? Consider implementing a hybrid program into your events strategy. If you need further guidance, reach out to our team at Durrell Communications. 

Influencer Marketing

Digital marketing has drastically changed over the past few years, forcing brands to improve their marketing efforts to reach and engage consumers at home. Many businesses started to operate virtually and turned to social media to meet e-commerce needs. Influencer marketing gained momentum as brands looked for better ways to balance budgets and reach potential customers. 

Influencer marketing is a strategy businesses use by partnering with social media influencers to promote their products and services through endorsements or recommendations. The growing demand for micro-influencers was unveiled in a report by Klear stating that, “in 2021, 91% of all sponsored post engagements were with content created by Micro-Influencers.” There are more micro-influencers today than ever before, and it will continue to be a big trend in 2022. Now is the perfect opportunity to start using this tactic for your upcoming PR campaigns.

We hope you find this information helpful as you develop your marketing strategy and our team at Durrell Communications is happy to help! — visit our website for more. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Want to learn more about communications trends to monitor in 2022? Check out our November blog, “PR Trends to Look Out For in 2022.”