In October, we celebrate Small Business Month! This month is committed to empowering small businesses and celebrating the important efforts of small business owners and their powerful contributions in a range of fields across Canada, and beyond. 

Durrell Communications understands the challenges faced by small businesses, including facing distinctive obstacles and responding to significant changes quickly and efficiently. We find ways to make these barriers more accessible and take every challenge as an opportunity to strengthen our business and develop better insight and knowledge of the industry. 

What is Small Business Month?

Since its inception in October 2006, Small Business Month in Canada has encouraged business owners to collaborate and connect with one another in order to build a better country. As a part of the community, we are excited to share more about the importance of Small Business Month in this month’s blog! 

Women Leading Small Businesses

Small Business Month seeks to recognize the ambition of small business owners across the country, who are making strides and contributions in their chosen field. Melissa Durrell, President and Chief Communications Strategist of Durrell Communications, is an award-winning journalist who started her career in public relations and media  in 2010. Today, she runs a successful public relations agency serving more than 30 clients, providing strategic communications, media relations and content creation. A great support to her team, Melissa plays a strong leadership role in order to help changemakers gain attention. 

Durrell Communications is an agile small business, ready to serve and assist clients in achieving their business goals using our expert knowledge. Community connection is more important than ever, and as a small team looking to make a big impact, Durrell Communications works hard to develop meaningful connections with our clients, big or small, to understand their needs and construct a strategy tailored to their unique business goals. The value of a small business is not only getting to work closely with each member of our own team, but to work alongside our clients, forming meaningful relationships and better amplifying their brand based on our own connections. 

Durrell Communication is a small yet powerful team of communicators. Providing innovative and game-changing communication strategies for our clients, our team is excited for Small Business Month. This month is all about encouraging small businesses and new business leaders to introduce new ideas, build groundbreaking businesses and make a positive impact.

Why is recognizing small businesses important?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we should support small businesses.

  1. Small businesses are passionate about achieving their goals and mission. Leaders work diligently and passionately every day to make their business a success. This passion not only motivates small businesses, but lends to success and achievement. 
  2. Innovation, though challenging, is often at the heart of small businesses, working to stay competitive and up to date on industry trends and the future of their field. Audiences looking for innovative solutions can look to small businesses to meet their needs. They can make decisions more quickly than larger businesses, meaning they can remain innovative, adopt new technologies, develop procedures, and implement new systems. 
  3. Due to the nature and structure of small businesses who work intimately with their clients, small businesses are more responsive and available to their customers. 
  4. Small businesses invest locally in the communities they are a part of. Small business leaders have unique insight into the communities they serve and operate in, establishing themselves and becoming familiar with the communities wants and needs. 
  5. Small businesses support the global economy. 10.3 million people, or nearly 63.8% of the entire labour force, were employed by small businesses in Canada. Small businesses are greatly beneficial to domestic and global economies. 
  6. Small businesses go above and beyond to serve their clients, communities and internal team.

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