Have you seen the cheerful displays of bells and tiny snowflakes yet? The holidays are coming soon, bringing lots of excitement, warmth, and festive cheer! As we are soon heading out of the fall, attention turns to the long-awaited holiday season. What does this mean for you and your business?

Over the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our ability to gather with loved ones to celebrate the season. Post pandemic, this year will be filled to the brim with holiday festivities, brands have a heightened opportunity to connect with current and potential customers to develop community and share feelings of love and gratitude.

Companies can capitalize on these sentiments to make an authentic emotional connection with your customers, contributing to the growth of your credibility and trust. Creating influential content that connects with the right audience is crucial. Working with PR experts is one of the most effective routes for creating content and reaching these objectives. A strategic PR plan puts your goals into focus and will advance brand recognition, media attention, and much more. Creating timely strategies and content that relates to your audience is crucial, especially over the holidays. Connecting to your target audience with festive messaging can lead to an increase in revenue. Take it from us, this is a season you don’t want to sleep on!

Here are some quick tips to remember when you plan your PR strategies this festive season. 

Holiday Theme: Having a holiday theme demonstrates how engaged your brand is with current events, and gives you the chance to centre your brand as part of your audience’s holiday experience. To create a festive message that puts your audience in the holiday spirit, try creating seasonal content using traditional festive colours, stories and imagery. Some examples could include creating a holiday logo, changing your social media posts to contain festive colors, or contributing to community stories centred around the holiday season. The options are endless!

Content Optimization: To stay on top of market trends, social media content is crucial. By coming up with creative hashtags and holding online contests, you can stimulate audience interest and encourage them to choose your services or products. Also, don’t forget a smooth transition to a landing page with precise click through options to ensure a customer-friendly experience while interacting with your content. 

Utilize PR Strategies: With the right PR tools, you’ll target journalists and bloggers who fit your target audience. Online resources are made to assist you in identifying what your ideal audience is reading, by using analytical datasets and matching you with the appropriate media outlets to best get your message out there. 

Community Connection: Businesses can develop strong relationships with their clients and customers by connecting with them in their own communities. Plan effective brand collaborations or CSR strategies that fit your brand’s mission. As the holidays are filled with feelings of generosity and the desire to help others, this is a great opportunity to provide charitable donations to support your local communities and connect with your customers. Making your philanthropy and charitable efforts visible to the public through social-media and the press will not only support the organizations and causes you are assisting, but it will remind the community about your contribution, and are taking an active role to ‘walk the walk’ rather than talking the talk.. Brands that make big promises but do not deliver them are easily forgotten. This holiday season, your charitable efforts can go a long way in helping others that are less fortunate, while also cementing your organization’s reputation in the minds of the public as a brand that does positive, uplifting, good work in their community. 

Speaker Placement Opportunities: Speaking at conferences and events will help you develop a compelling company spokesperson persona. Additionally, this provides a fantastic opportunity to position your company as an expert and opinion leader in your industry, assisting you in attracting more external stakeholders. With an increase in upcoming local events over the holiday season, this is your chance to position yourself as a thought leader and develop brand identity and exposure.

Host An Event: The holiday season is known for its festive events to put people in the holiday spirit. By hosting an event that fits your brand narrative, you have the unique opportunity to put your brand in the midst of your customers’ holiday memories. Events are a great opportunity to showcase who your brand is and create connection points with the community. Make sure to promote events through the media to garner even more attendance! 

Utilize this time window and make the most of your opportunities with clever, strategic PR moves. Durrell Communications provides strategic media planning, with excellent results for any season of the year. For more great tips or to learn how Durrell Communications can help your company reach its goals, visit us on Durrell Communications.