With more than 4 billion people using social media around the globe, businesses have the perfect opportunity to connect online and build their brand. Once your company is established on social media the next step is to start creating engaging content. 8 seconds is the average human attention span, so it’s crucial that your social content is interesting enough to hook people and attract the right audience. 

Here are 5 easy ways to create content that engages your audience: 

Highlight your team. Spotlight the people who make up the culture of your business. Your employees are the driving force behind your brand. It’s important to recognize their hard work and show your appreciation. Your audience will be interested to see the unique and personable side of your business and what people think of working there. 

Utilize hashtags. A great way to boost engagement on social media is to use hashtags in your posts. Hashtags help connect your social media content to a particular topic, event, theme or conversation. They are used to draw attention to your posts and encourage interaction. By inserting your company into these online conversations you increase the chances of garnering more engagement through likes, shares, comments and new followers. 

Define your company culture. Displaying your company culture on social media will create transparency and build trust with your audience. People want to get to know your company on a more personal level. This is a great opportunity to form a valuable connection with your audience and entice more engagement. It’s also an effective recruitment strategy, as many prospective job seekers will look to a company’s social media to give them an idea of what the work environment is like. 

Use Instagram stories. Instagram stories allow account users to post related photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours from the time of posting. This feature allows you to share more about your brand without affecting your main news feed or bombarding your audience with lots of content. The fun interactive features such as polls, questions and emoji stickers present a unique way to connect and harness more involvement from your audience. 

Share customer testimonials. User-generated content provides an authentic way to interact with your customers while building trust and credibility. Sharing this honest feedback will result in more people wanting to join your online community and engage with what you have to offer. Some ways to display customer testimonials include quotes, customer interviews, case studies and blog posts. 

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