Branding is a key element in illustrating a business’s look and vision. Ensuring your branding is relevant, up to date, and in line with your business goals is essential when marketing your business to both future and existing clients. 

A brand refresh is a powerful and impactful way to strengthen your brand and engage new audiences. By reimagining the look of your business after a few years of growth, you can refocus your brand identity while honing in on the goals, values and mission of your business, acknowledging how they may have shifted or adapted over time. It is important, however, to remember that a brand refresh should not change the core principles of your business goals. 

Rejuvenating your brand’s image is a key way to enhance your look in order to put your best foot forward in business and attract the attention of the right audience. 

What is a brand refresh?

A brand refresh is the updating of your businesses branding and marketing items. You can think of it as a facelift to the aesthetics of your company. By updating your image to showcase the best version of your brand you can attract new business, re-establish your goals and services, as well as highlight your company’s exceptional talent and leadership. Furthermore, redesigning and refreshing your brand can boost employee enthusiasm by reigniting passion for the work they do and realigning employee values within the overall brand identity. 

Why is a brand refresh important?

Something to talk about

A brand refresh gives your audience something to talk about. When making changes to how you present your brand, your customers are called to action in order to get reacquainted with your services and take in your new look. Updating your brand keeps customers engaged and excited, making your business top of mind. 

Competitive edge

Updating your branding has the advantage of remaining competitive. By reinventing your branding and messaging to engage new audiences, you are adapting your business to the current needs of the industry, while others remain stagnant. By staying relevant and invigorating your branding with new life, you are effectively communicating with your audiences and positioning your brand as an industry leader. 

Increase sales

Rebranding your business and promoting your fresh new look brings attention to your business. An effective rebrand for your business should provide an increase in sales as you get your name in front of prospective clients through new and improved means. 

While businesses have many goals, making sales and retaining long term clients is key for an organization’s success. While a business may embark on a visual refresh for many reasons, an increase in sales and clients is an inherent advantage. 

When is it time?

A brand refresh is a strategic branding and marketing move meant to amplify your business, and therefore should be done when the time is right. 

It might be time for a brand refresh if your audience has recently undergone an evolution or expansion. When you accumulate a new audience, you are presented with the opportunity to establish your brand, your team, your services and your goals. Unveiling your refreshed branding at this time sets your business up for success by giving your newly engaged audience the ability to familiarize themselves with the best version of your brand. As your target audience evolves it is only natural for your brand to undergo a similar expansion and evolution, a brand refresh can develop new roots, tying your new audience and your brand together. 

Your organization’s branding should be uniform across all touch points. It is a good time to consider a brand refresh if you’re beginning to notice inconsistency across platforms. A consistent brand image is important in order to develop a brand identity that is easily recognizable and seen as reliable by consumers.

Finally, it might be time to refresh your brand if your organization is pivoting. A change in business goals, leadership, team, services or location can be a great opportunity to take a look at how your company is branding itself. As your business grows and evolves, so should your brand image.

What we’re doing

Durrell Communications is currently  undergoing its own brand refresh. As a business it was time to amplify our voice and share our updated brand image and messaging with current and prospective audiences. As we have grown as a communications company, our team has also evolved and the natural next step was to reintroduce ourselves to you. 

Like most businesses, our team endured many months of remote work and uncertainty about a return to office throughout the pandemic. Even though our workplace continues to operate on a hybrid model, this month it was finally time to come together in the office and kick off our brand refresh with a team picture day!

We got new headshots and team photos from Click Photography, a Waterloo-based lifestyle and corporate photographer. These have put us in the perfect position to update our website and social channels in order to amplify the Durrell Communications brand, showcase our talent and highlight our services. We are so excited to share our process with you and re-introduce ourselves. 

How we can help youAt Durrell, we are experts in communications. As changemakers, we can help take your business to the next level with a brand refresh that allows you to stand out within your industry. Our team can transform your image through a targeted branding strategy using website audits, digital marketing, content creation and so much more. Let us help you generate buzz and define the elements of your brand to the right audience. Contact our team today!